Phil Bronner started playing with the New England Junior Falcons before playing four seasons with University of Massachusetts Dartmoth. Bronner spent the 2013-2014 season split between the Knoxville Ice Bears and the Mississippi Riverkings. He also played one game with the Greenville Road Warriors in the ECHL. At the start of this season, Phil signed with the Watertown Wolves in the FHL. After only 20 games, Phil was called up to the ECHL where he played with the Elmira Jackals; he has since returned to the Watertown Wolves.

Bronner 2

1. What has been your best hockey related memory, to date?

•My senior year of college we won our league championship as an underdog so that is probably my favorite memory. Nothing better than getting a ring. As a professional it would have to be last year when I scored the game winning goal in overtime against Knoxville. They had traded me earlier that week so it was really nice to be able to bury an important goal against them.

2. If you could create the perfect line, who would choose to be on it? You have to be included on this line as well.

•I’ll take Patrice Bergeron as my center. Great on both ends of the ice, wins every face off, slick hands. The other wing might be a surprise pick but I’m going with Jagr. He’s just a puck protection savage. Still making plays now at 43 or whatever he is.

3. Some athletes are superstitious, what is something that you do/have always done before each of your games?

•I wouldn’t say I’m too superstitious, but I do have a routine. Get a good nap in, shower with some tunes, stop for an iced coffee on the way to the rink, tape up my sticks, then bike and stretch before I put my equipment on.

4. What’s the number one thing you look forward to in the off season?

• Last year it was the rest. My first year pro was an adjustment from a much shorter college season, I was happy to let my body heal for a bit before getting after it in the gym. But training for sure, getting bigger, stronger, and faster. In season with the practices and the schedule going to the gym is more about maintenance and injury prevention.

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5. When/why did you start playing hockey?

• I started when I was 4 years old. Once I saw the Mighty Ducks I was all about hockey, my Dad made me a rink in the backyard that winter and that was that.

6. Who is the player you admire most?

•Growing up it was Cam Neely/Bill Guerin. Power forward types. Neely basically invented the power forward position. Hitting fighting and scoring. Guerin was my favorite player later on, playing a similar style to Neely, I started wearing 13 in youth hockey for him. Currently, Lucic. My favorite players to watch are Kane, and Datsyuk.

7. Of all your years playing, where has been your favorite place to play?

•Knoxville was probably my favorite place to play as the home team. Pensacola and Huntsville have a couple of great arenas as well. The one game I played for Greenville was in South Carolina and Darius Rucker sang the national anthem so there was around 8,000 fans there; that was a cool experience.

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8. Which team do you think is going to be the your biggest competition this season?

•I think Danbury will be our toughest competition this year. They’ve handed us two of our four losses on the year. Dayton will be as well but we play Danbury a lot more so I think that will develop into more of a rivalry.

9. Who is someone that you would consider as a mentor on the ice?

•This year in Watertown I think I am more expected to lead and be a mentor to the younger guys, with about half our team consisting of rookies. Last year in Knoxville and Mississippi I was fortunate to be able to learn from some great veteran guys; David Segal, Mark Van Vliet, Jason Price, Leo Thomas, and Matt Whitehead to name a few.

10. If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?

•I was an English major in college so if I wasn’t playing I think I would be teaching and coaching at a prep school.

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