Michael Dolman is a 24 year old from Hawthorne, New Jersey. He started his hockey career playing in college with the Neumann Knights. He later went on to play SUNY-Morisville. Michael began his professional career this season in the Federal Hockey League, with the Berkshire Battalion. In the 31 games he was part of, he scored 13 goals, had 25 assists, for a total of 38 points. He also has 83 penalty minutes. Michael was called up to the SPHL to play for the Huntsville Havoc. He was signed to a three game contract. Even though he will be going back to the Battalion, I wouldn’t count on him staying there much longer. If not this season, then I think we can expect to see him in the SPHL next season.

Dolman (1)

1.  What has been your best hockey related memory, to date?

My best hockey memory to date is when I scored my first pro goal.

2.    If you could create the perfect line, who would choose to be on it? You have to be included on this line as well.

Pavel Datsyuk and Mike Garlasco

3.    Some athletes are superstitious, what is something that you do/have always done before each of your games?

Pray (A lot)

4.    What’s the number one thing you look forward to in the off season?

Watching movies and making food with my boys back home.

5.    When/why did you start playing hockey?

I started playing hockey because my mom brought me to an ice rink for a free skate when I was younger.  I then watched a hockey game soon after and instantly wanted to sign up.

6.    Who is the player you admire most?

Scott Stevens. Guy is Tough as nails.

7.    Of all your years playing, where has been your favorite place to play?

Utica College was by far the craziest atmosphere to play in; it’s a mad house in there.

8.    Which team do you think is going to be the your biggest competition this season?

Danbury Whalers, We just play them so many times, it’s impossible not to create a rivalry.

9.  Who is someone that you would consider as a mentor on the ice?

Chad D, my old Junior Devils Coach.

10. If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t playing hockey I would be trying out for the WWE, or trying to make it in Hollywood as an actor.

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11. What was one of your worst games in college?

My first game in college. I was pretty irrelevant out there.

12.  What is a piece of advice you would give to a younger athlete trying to make it to a higher league?

Pray, learn to be consistent, and speed kills.

13. What has been one of the best pranks that you have ever witnessed/played on someone?

During training camp we took one our teammates equipment and put it in a brown box and set it on his stall with a note on the front that said “SEE COACH” . He was visibly upset.

14.  What was the best advice you were ever given?

Things can always get worse.

15.  If you had the chance to give away $50,000 how would you go about giving it away?

I probably would find a single mother and give it to her.

16.  If your life was turned into a movie, who would play you on screen & who would play your leading lady?

Michael Ealy and Blake Lively

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