Key Matchup- Ryan Suter is one of the league’s best defensemen, but Jamie Benn has had the edge every time the two have met on the ice over the past five years. But it’s how they play with their respective partners; Benn with Tyler Seguin and Suter with Jared Spurgeon that will make it interesting. […]

Key Matchup- Nicklas Backstrom vs Claude Giroux; could there be a more well rounded matchup? Nicklas Backstrom is second in assists-per-game with 0.73 while Claude Giroux is fifth with 0.69. Both do the most damage while on power plays. The two players are first and second in PP assists over the last five seasons. Backstrom […]

Key Matchup- Young Aleksander Barkov has made big moves this season and he will be matched up against elite John Tavares. Tavares has beat Barkov in possession while Barkov has narrowly beat out Tavares in scoring. It will be interesting seeing these two centers go up against each other again. Florida Panthers- Winning Formula:  The […]


Key Matchup- Two of the league’s best centers are going head to head. Anze Kopitar and Joe Thornton will be a fantastic matchup to witness. While Kopitar has score more goals than Thornton this season Kopitar has a lower shot rate this year than he has in the past, and Thornton has one of the […]

Key Matchup- Nikita Kucherov vs. Pavel Datsyuk will likely to be the main story of this series. Kucherov has become an offensive threat for the Lightning over the last season. Datsyuk is a legend and still has impressive two-way play and has no issue getting shots on net. The two Russian players will keep the series […]